Youth in Business Seminar footage from Rogers

Benefits of Strategies for Successful Selling

1) Higher revenue and margins produced from enhanced Consultative selling skills

2) A template for the sales process is learned so that salespeople know all the steps needed for success

3) Increased confidence in their sales skills and closing techniques allows them to close more effectively and more often.

4) Your company receives more top line dollars, and the salespeople earn more money making them happier and more productive employees.

5) Knowing the sales template provides the Manager with a framework for effective sales coaching and team training that everyone understands.

6) The quality of work and morale increase and dollars lost to employee turnover decrease.

Course content


Start every call on the right note.
Structured calls to ensure sales.
Eliminate the traditional "pushy" techniques that turn clients off.
Uncover what the customer really wants.
Speak the customer's language.
Breakdown the loyalty to competitors, while increasing customer loyalty to you.
Close more effectively and more often.

Session 1
Three Core Sales Competencies
Fundamentals of Buying and Selling
First Principle of Selling
How and Why Buyers Buy
Establishing a Competency Inventory

Session 2
Setting the Stage
Understanding and Using the Sales Cycle
Second Principle of Selling
Why People Dislike Salespeople
Opening the Call
Traditional vs. Consultative

Session 3
Using Strategic Questioning and Listening
The Power of Questions
Using Open and Closed Probes
Don't Take "No" for an Answer
Fundamentals of Effective Listening
Barriers to Effective Listening
Becoming an Effective Listener
Strategies for Selling

Session 4

Identifying Opportunities and Needs
What is the Customer Really Saying
Understanding Real Needs
Understanding Opportunities
When to Make the Offer
Structure for Sales Conversations

Session 5
Matching Products/Features/Benefits
Understanding PFBs
Matching PFBs to Needs

Session 6
Closing - The Grand Finale
Recognizing Buying Signals
Why Some Closes are Rejected
Two Stage Closing
Strategy Review

The module is intended for all sales staff worldwide that have direct customer contact and where the opportunity exists to sell products and services.

Sales Staff
Sales Management
Product Management
Market Management
Customer Service Staff
Customer Service Manager