All professionals require coaching now and then. A new perspective, new ideas, barrier removal or a change in habits may be all it takes to move you to the next level. Do professional sports team wait until they are losing before they are coached in practices? Don't wait until you are in a slump before you consult a good coach!

Bowman Training has successfully coached many businesses and salespeople to higher levels of compensation, profit, sales and self- esteem. Our program features up to 8 hours of on site interaction and observation, whether that be in the office or on the road.

For salespeople, a detailed sales competency analysis will be written, complete with coaching recommendations for the manager to utilize for performance evaluation, goal setting and continued skills improvement.

For business owners, a detailed business competency analysis will be written and discussed. A complete SWOT analysis will be conducted. Ideas, actionable items, goals and timelines for implementation will be set. Follow up meetings and one on one coaching sessions in subsequent months will ensure that progress is being made through test and measure activities.

Are you ready to step it up a notch?