"Your workshop was professional, informative and entertaining. You have great energy, an infectious spirit and you make people feel welcome and their opinions important"

Stephen Rhodes and Associates

"You are an entertaining, dynamic speaker who kept everyone engaged … your passion for what you do shines through"

Mississauga Community Living

"You highlighted in a very meaningful way the importance of leadership … your kick-off speech set the tone for a positive and rewarding experience for all the participants"
Peter Cooper - Principal

W.G. Davis Senior Public School

"Thank you for your professionalism and humour and for providing a practical and enjoyable tailor-made learning opportunity for our staff."

Construction Safety Association of Ontario

"Jeff is a highly qualified trainer and offers a variety of programs that add value to any organization. He is also a very engaging speaker who holds an audience's attention and makes the exercise an enjoyable one that involves the participants throughout."

Meehan's Industrial

"he was able to communicate the topics with knowledge, passion and and an appropriate sense of hunour. I was impressed to observe how he managed the various personality types in the room with confidence"

Small Business Enterprise Centre - Brampton

" Jeff's presentation on Customer Service was a hit with our volunteers. He captivated the audience with his humour while delivering an inspiring and most informative presentation"

Square One Older Adult Centre

" Jeff is a knowledgeable, passionate speaker who really knows how to engage and motivate his audience - not easy when your speaking to a room full of teens! He not only accomplished this feat once, but four times as he spoke to all our Career Studies classes"

Harold M Brathwaite Secondary School

"I have been to a few seminars in the past and found you as an instructor to be superior than the ones I have seen"

KRI Studios