Advanced Sales And Business Techniques
A brand new course offering that takes up where Cold Contacts to Hot Sales left off. Participants will learn effective methods of attracting customers through a variety of activities, filling the pipeline, establishing high prospect conversion rates, selling intangible value and using solution selling as a consultative sales technique. "Your price is too high" will never be an issue again!
Mastering these skills will allow the salesperson and businessperson to understand the consultative sales strategies for today's sales marketplace. Through role-plays, case studies and group discussions, the participants will utilize these new skills and develop their own comfortable selling style, applicable to their product or service. Don't let potential sales slip past you!

Cost $139.00 plus GST - 4 hour Workshop

SWAMPED - Leadership Survivor
Imagine a canoe trip with friends to a beautiful Northern Ontario island. The lake swells, whitecaps peak and your convoy is overturned. You all make it to the island with limited provisions and tools. Now what? No phones, no fire, no paddles, and no one expects you home for weeks.
During experiential learning, participants develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning and participate fully. This unique team building and leadership exercise teaches:

1. consensus decision making
2. interpersonal skills, listening, probing, confrontation
3. the concept of group synergy and team roles
4. the structure for groups to form self managing teams
5. creative problem solving techniques

This workshop is conducted in a classroom environment with workbooks and skill tests. It is designed to have teams compete with other teams, while building solid relationships with each other. It is a perfect exercise for Executive Groups, Management Teams or work groups and can be utilized for professional development and corporate training workshops.
It is difficult to find a better activity for overall teamwork and competency improvement. Business is about Survival!

$50.00 plus GST per person - 2.5 hour Workshop - perfect for conferences!