Volume 3 Issue2
March 07 Issue
Spring is here! Set your clocks and your objectives ahead!
Can you believe that Spring is a few short days away? The end of March, also brings the end of the first quarter of business. How are your results?
Can you see the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time off this summer, or do you see many long working hours ahead of you to catch up to your plan?

Are there any clear warning signs?
Bowman Training Initiatives may have the answer you need. Why not invest five minutes of your time to call me and discuss your situation.
You have nothing to lose but your free time this summer!

Speaking at The University of Toronto
I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of Marketing students at The University of Toronto last week and I was impressed by their eagerness to learn and attention to detail. There were some great questions from the group regarding what it is like to work in the marketing field, what are the job prospects etc. One question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind was “what area of marketing do I really want to settle into for a career?”

This question led me into a discussion about the relevance of the “4 P’s” in today’s approach to marketing strategy. Product, Price, Promotion and Place were the standards for dissecting marketing as a concept for the last 50 years. Things have changed dramatically today with the emergence of the internet, level of knowledge of consumers, global markets and the multitude of demographic characteristics. Marketing is no longer that simple.

The pens were flying as I addressed what I considered to be some of the current and future trends for marketing personnel. I see the necessity for an expansion of the “4 P’s” to include Competition Analysts, Environment and Government Regulatory Specialists, Sales Effectiveness Trainers, Innovation Teams, Product Life Cycle Planners and Consumer Psychologists. Marketing and sales will be forever linked in this process therefore a company that wants to be successful in future years needs a strong Marketing and Sales Strategy coupled with their Business Plan, that clearly communicates to all employees direction and accountability. I guess that might add another position to the group above.

These students have a huge number of choices to make in the coming years regarding their careers and their lives. The number of options available to them in the marketing field will continue to grow and diversify in the coming years. What it all comes down to is that as long as there are products and services to sell, decisions to be made and media to use as a messenger, there will always be positions in Marketing, whether it be as an employee or consultant. Hey, put me down as the “5th P, the Prophet”

“Money spent on any type of training is an investment in your most valuable resource, a resource which can be made more effective and efficient, your employees.”

The investment you make in training does not just impact positively on your bottom line today, but next year and in subsequent years. How?

Please click on the photo at the left to watch Jeff and see how an investment today shows exponential returns in years to come.

Sign up for Bowman Training Courses at Sheridan College
“Cold Contact to Hot Sale”, a staple of the BTI course selection and “Creativity to Rejuvenate Your Business” are now part of Sheridan College’s Home Based and Small Business Workshop Series. Both Brampton and Oakville Campuses have upcoming dates for both courses. Please log onto www.sheridaninstitute.ca and click on the Continuing Education link to register for these courses and others.

Register Now!
March 31st – 12:00pm – 4:00pm – Cold Contacts – Hot Sales – Brampton Campus
April 21st – 12:00pm – 4:00pm – Cold Contacts – Hot Sales – Brampton Campus
May 5th – 1:00pm – 5:00pm – Creativity to Rejuvenate Your Business – Brampton Campus
May 26th – 9:00am – 1:00pm – Creativity to Rejuvenate Your Business – Oakville Campus

Feature article from Government of Ontario Publication

Jeff Bowman is back for another year of Business Mentoring with
The Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre

Stabilize or grow your business. For small business owners with existing businesses in the early growth phase, any sector, any market. Suggested maximum of 5 employees and $500,000 in annual sales.

- March through June 2007
- A FREE Service!
- 9:00 – 11:00 am
- Ask a panel of Business Experts
- Advice that can get you over those obstacles

Contact us to reserve your time

March 23rd
April 27th
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RSVP 905-874-2667
or sbec@brampton.ca

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Sales Tip for Spring
“Sell Your Strengths and Buy Your Weaknesses”

In the beginning there was time, it seemed, lots of it. You often waited for the phone to ring, sat patiently watching for e-mails and networked endlessly. As time went on, business relationships grew, networking paid dividends and cash started flowing into your hands. We have all been there, and if you haven’t, keep networking and you will. Eventually you reach a place when you realize you have no more hours left in a day to do everything you once did. It is at this point that the business rule above needs to kick in. Tax time has proven to me that I need someone to keep my statements and taxes in order. I will waste more time doing it myself than I would pay for someone with that skill to do it.

I have tried something new in this newsletter, a video portion. It saved me space on the newsletter, looks very professional and allows people to see or hear me speak who may never have had the opportunity before. Enter Heart and Soul Media www.heartandsoulmedia.com Not only a great time saver, but when it generates interest from potential clients it actually makes me money!

Another area where I have found this rule to be true is meeting clients or holding training. Rather than spending hours cleaning my small office, I rent a furnished, professional office space in downtown Brampton from The Brampton Business Executive Suites, http://www.bbes.ca/ . It is more cost effective than renting a hotel room, you can rent for ½ a day, refreshments are available and the offices come in a range of sizes to meet my needs for training or a one on one meeting. Why fight it. Businesses specialize in what they can do the best. The business decision process is quite simple. How many hours will it take me to do it? What do I charge per hour for my services? How much will outsourcing cost me? Then add in the aggravation factor in doing it yourself, the added value a professional image adds to your business and you have made the decision.

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