Volume 3 Issue2
Fall Issue
Does Bowman Training Initiatives just train salespeople?

NO, although Sales Training is one of the core programs we offer, there are many other elements to BTI.

Sales training includes many competency improvement programs that are critical to sales success. This begins with the creation of Sales Plans, identification of target markets and customers, territory planning, call frequency analysis, prospecting, cold contacting, basic sales and presentation skills, advanced sales skills for longer and more difficult sales cycles, communication, negotiation and sales management coaching for improvement.

We also work with companies to improve productivity and profitability in other areas. We have programs and workshops designed for all managers and employees.

Leadership and Development
Conflict management
Corporate Culture
Behavioural Tendencies
Stress Management through Humour

Jeff Bowman is also an experienced and skilled speaker who has presented to groups ranging in size from 10 to 300, on a variety of business related topics as well as humour in the workplace. Click on the link for a video of a recent event.

Bowman Training Initiatives can create the environment needed for a valuable and fun learning experience through custom designed workshops and seminars. Need a speaker, planning a corporate workshop or simply need some additional training or skill set enhancement, give BTI a call.

No Greater Value Added!
Recently I attended a couple of our best friend’s 25th Anniversary party. They, like a few of our other friends were high school sweethearts. It has been many years since all the classmates were together in one place at one time. There are a few more pounds, a little less hair, and many miniature versions of ourselves running around, but the personalities and the friendships have remained unaltered throughout the years. With the shake of a hand or a hearty hug, the years of absence were wiped away. A few minutes to catch up, introductions to spouses or children and the clock was turned back 25 years. Remember when we…, or there was that time at…, have you seen so and so lately? The stress of the business week was lost and the unbridled fun and enthusiasm of our young adult lives surfaced once again.
It isn’t true, you can go back, all it takes is the right people. There have been many changes in all our lives. 25 years have now put us into a different generation, where we have grown to appreciate some of the other things in life. Friendships, unlike too many things in our lives appreciate in value as you grow older (or we recognize the importance that they serve now that we are older and wiser) We are who we are because of the support, friendship and guidance that good friends have provided us with throughout the years. Friendships have a way of breaking down all demographic barriers and placing everyone on an even footing, where we can all be ourselves without false pretenses. I hope it doesn’t take another 25 years to do it again.
Congratulations Karen and Andy!

Sign up for Bowman Training Courses at Sheridan College
“Cold Contact to Hot Sale”, a staple of the BTI course selection and “Creativity to Rejuvenate Your Business” are now part of Sheridan College’s Home Based and Small Business Workshop Series. Both Brampton and Oakville Campuses have upcoming dates for both courses. Please log onto www.sheridaninstitute.ca and click on the Continuing Education link to register for these courses and others.

Register Now!
Sept. 23rd – 9am to 1pm – Cold Contact – Brampton
Oct. 28th – 1pm to 5pm – Cold Contact – Oakville
Nov. 11th – 1pm to 4 pm – Creativity – An Open Mind – Brampton
Nov. 18th – 9am to 12pm – Creativity – An Open Mind – Oakville

Latest Article
Picture Your Product or Service in a Vending Machine!
Have you ever thought about the product or service you sell being distributed by a vending machine? You know, big machine, lots of products, you put your coin in , press the button and … It isn’t that far fetched in today’s marketplace….(read article)

Bowman Training Initiatives is part of the Mississauga Small Business Enterprise Centre’s “Starting a Business: 10 Steps to Business Success”
October 4th – 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Mississauga Central Library Building

http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/business/startingabusinesscalendar to register online.

Jeff will be the keynote speaker at the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre’s special event Energize! Fuel for the Entrepreneurial Mind on Thursday, October 26th from 7:45 – 12:30. You can register online at http://www.brampton-business.com/ (This has sold out for the last two years.)

The title of the speech is “Lighten Up at Work”, and will focus on replacing the stress in your workday with fun and laughter. Has anyone ever said to you “whew I had a terrible day at work today, I laughed so hard I cried”. You will leave with an injection of positive enthusiasm!

For the last 3 months I had the pleasure of mentoring some students who participated in the Summer Company Program at MBEC. Their enthusiasm and determination to succeed was certainly contagious. These young students had the courage to start their own business, and worked diligently to make the business profitable in a three month time span. Congratulations on a job well done! I encourage you to visit their websites listed below.
And read more about their accomplishments.

Course Offering for Fall

September 23rd - Saturday 9 am to 1 pm - Sheridan College Brampton
Cold Contact To Hot Sale

September 26th – Tuesday 9am to 12pm
Creativity – An Open Mind – Downtown Brampton

Tuesday October 3rd, 9am –to 1pm
Sales 201 – Cold Contact to Hot Sale


Fall Business Tip
Getting organized is sometimes one of the hardest things to do for professional business people. The paperwork, the e-mails, the spam and the seemingly endless list of prospects to contact. Organization in the home office is one of the areas that I need to work on as well. It seems that every article I decide to keep for some sort of significance or future reference ends up in a large pile with other “important” documents. Once every 6 months I usually go through them and end up discarding over half of them.

I was once told, “if you don’t look at it in a month, get rid of it”. I have gone one step better. I scan the articles now and keep hundreds of them on a cd, where I itemize and categorize the articles by source or topic. Where I find something of particular interest, I highlight it so it stands out as soon as I bring the article up on my computer.

Now I don’t have stacks of paper everywhere, and my working space seems to have increased!

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