Volume 3 Issue2
Issue: May/June

Welcome to the latest issue of The Bowman Training Initiatives Newsletter.
Listed below you will find a training schedule for the coming months, a course offering as well as information where I will conducting other training courses that may interest you. Please note, listed course prices remain at 2005 prices.

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Construction Safety Association of Ontario welcomes Jeff Bowman and Mike Holmes.
Jeff Bowman spoke at The Construction Safety Association's 4th Annual Health and Safety Conference in Toronto recently, along with Mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes television show. Jeff spoke to a large group of representatives from a variety of construction companies and unions on the aspect of selling safety to all construction workers in Ontario. As a Keynote Speaker on Day 1 of the conference, Jeff underscored the importance of Safety and Accident Prevention to those in attendance, and congratulated them on their record of Safety which is the best in Canada. Jeff's knowledge of the industry stems from 9 years working with Hilti Canada, where he became very familiar with construction sites and safety issues.
His Keynote was covered by Peter Kenter of Daily Commercial News and Construction Record. Click Here to view the article

Bowman Training Courses now offered as part of Sheridan College's continuing Education.
"Cold Contact to Hot Sale", a staple of the BTI course selection and "Creativity to Rejuvinate Your Business" are now part of Sheridan College's Home Based and Small Business Workshop Series. Both Brampton and Oakville Campuses have upcoming dates for both courses. Please log onto www.sheridaninstitute.ca and click on the Continuing Education link to register for these courses and others.

Group Mentoring Program at Brampton's Small Business Enterprise Centre
To provide training business solutions strategic direction and personal coaching to established small business owners in a peer to peer setting, please contact the Small Business Enterprise Centre for future dates. … http://www.bowmantraining.ca/i/articles/__thinkBig-012006.pdf

Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre offers a "How to Start a Business: 10 Steps to Business Success" program. The program is a 30-hour program which runs twice per week for five weeks with 10 classes. The goal of the program is to take the students through a step-by-step process of starting and running a succesful business. The desired outcome is that these new entrepreneurs will learn and walk away with practical and valuable information on starting and running a successful business. Jeff Bowman is the facilitator for Step 8: Building Customer and Supplier Relationships. May 25th 6:30 - 9:30.
The Lions Club's of Ontario welcome speaker Jeff Bowman to their annual convention in Niagara Falls in June.
Jeff is back for his third year in a row, and will be speaking on the theme "A Passion for Laughter"

Recent BTI clients:
The United Way of Peel
Siemens Canada
Atlantis Electronics

New Course Offering

Sales 201 - Cold Contact to Hot Sale
Follow-up. See course outline.

Call for future dates - 905-451-6525

May 20th
Cold Contact to Hot Sales at Sheridan College

May 27th
An Open Mind - Creativity at Sheridan

June 20th
The Marketing Pad Workshop at Brampton Board of Trade
Strategic Sales Planning
Do you know what hidden markets exist?
Are you capitalizing on all business opportunities?
Are your salespeople truly effective?
Do you have a real plan of attack for future sales?
Call for a free consultation - 905-451-6525
"If your competition is in range, so are you"
Business Tip for May/June
What is it that makes a competitor able to charge more for virtually the same product or service and maintain and grow their market share? COMMUNICATION!
They are able to better communicate the value of not only their product offering, but their service offering as well. Perceived value is based on the entire package, not just on the delivered product or service. What little extras can you offer that add value, and how can you demonstrate their value to the customer?
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